Dental Floss
Dental Floss
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Dental Floss

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Why we chose Humble?
  • Reliable and innovative products designed by Swedish dentists
  • Kind to the planet; there ain't no planet B we say!
  • Healthier planet = Healthier people
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging 
  • Socially responsible: Every purchase funds oral health projects towards children in need through Humble Smile Foundation

Product Highlights 
    • Shred resistant floss with a natural coating of candela for improved performance and xylitol to encourage re-mineralisation for enamel 
    • Compostable PLA packaging which becomes the floss dispenser itself. No metal cutter involved!
    • Made by socially responsible The Humble Co. who keeps their love for planet Earth in mind 
    • Vegan and Cruelty-Free; certified by The Vegan Society and Peta 


50m reel in a compostable packaged dispenser box

Use and Care

Use after brushing once a day to loosen any dirt and food in between your teeth. For preventing gum disease and bad breath. 


Only the compostable dispenser in your box! We may wrap it with paper to safeguard it during delivery. 


    Nylon floss with candela wax and natural xylitol  

    Toss the paper box into the compost bin or into the paper public recycling bin, or to Waste No Mall and Go Green SYP drop off points. Throw nylon floss into bin.