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In 2018, the zero waste movement grew in many countries all over the world, even expanding to the grounds of Hong Kong. After a few years of being a ‘low-waster’ minimalist in the UK and seeing a lack of accessibility for sustainable alternatives in Hong Kong, Zona Hiranandani had decided to create Meow Green Shop in the heart of Sheung Wan. With Meow Green Shop, we hope to create a community space and an ‘one-stop’ shop for locally made sustainable products for busy Hong Kongers who wishes to start their zero waste journey - or even for those who are already doing so!

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Bored? In need of a longer read because your sleeping furry stole your lap and it defies all laws to shoo them away?
Read on below for why we started Meow Green Shop.


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About the Founder

Growing up in Hong Kong, Zona was always frustrated with the amount of waste that would be accumulated in her home city: household waste, public waste overflowing street bins, her parent’s kitchen bin filled with plastic packaging from groceries… to the over abundance of plastic waste that would spit out from local supermarkets. (Quel horreur!

She wanted to do more than blogging and talking about sustainability, both online and to friends and family, and find a way to make it easier for those who wishes to reduce their waste in their sustainable journey. She was documenting her own low waste journey about the realistic aspects of being sustainable in a plastic-filled metropolitan city, and, soon, it hit her about the lack of ‘honest brands’ who share the same sustainability passion thanks to the increasingly popular ‘zero waste’ trend. Not everyone in Hong Kong had the (local) accessibility to brands who share the same desire and goals in reducing non-disposables and creating a more plastic-free world. 

With more and more startups providing plastic-free alternatives, she decided to create a platform where locals could find what they need in one convenient place given busy work schedules. As a minimalist traveller, she aims to work with sustainable brands who share similar passions and goals with the shop, providing more ergonomic and practical designed products that are environmentally friendly in both product design and packaging. 

Why Meow Green Shop? 🐈

Inspired by her love for the green community vibes found in Sai Ying Pun (otherwise known as SYP to 852 locals), the four-legged furries of SYP and Sheung Wan, and the ever changing creative neighbourhood constantly reminding her of her childhood nostalgia of walking to their grandparent’s flat, she chose the name ‘Meow Green Shop’ to combine her love for animals, sustainability… and all things punny

We chose to omit the word ‘zero’ after a long week’s worth of thoughts because of the reality of today’s consumerist culture; there will always be waste in the next foreseen years. What we believe in, or relate to, is the law of conservation of energy. We can reduce the demand of excessive (plastic) packaging by transferring (changing) our old habits into new sustainable habits. We can reduce the amount of energy and resources that goes into making new single-use materials: used once and thrown away. We can’t destroy the norm of single-use materials but we can create new societal sustainable norms by educating friends and family. Show them your ways of reducing waste - that’s what we want to see through Meow Green Shop!

We want to encourage people in opting for reusable and sustainable alternatives, even if plastic still has to be part of their lifestyle because of the lack of affordability and accessibility in their local area. We can compensate in other aspects of our lives even if plastic packaging still (sadly) has to be part of it.
In the sweltering humid summer of 2020, Meow Green Shop was born to create a diverse supporting community and accessibility in order to flourish the wellbeing of individuals and our surrounding ecosystem. #climatecrisis2020 


“Every small step counts, we need more people to be imperfect than perfect.”