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As an e-shop, we try to be inclusive where we can which is why we decided to create 'social impact kits' to better reach out to the local community. As an identified non-white Bisexual founder born and raised in the 852 (Hong Kong), I wanted to contribute to the minority communities in Hong Kong who lacks the basic needs and shelter just because they have less civil rights as individuals. We need to see more diversity and more care towards these communities. No one should ever have to bear their lives against an unjust system. That was why we started this e-shop: to educate and bring highlights of local issues that still needs tackling.

Everyone lives on Mama Earth. It's not sustainability if we don't fight injustice. 

*There are a lot of plans in the back end of this shop for these social impact kits! Believe me, I wish I could scream out these ideas... but a lot of back-end work needs doing first before I officially announce them! 
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  • Adult Toothbrushes (❤️💛💚💙💜 PRIDE EDITION)
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