Face Masks (Adult)

Face Masks (Adult)

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Why we chose The Chief Project?
  • Locally made in Hong Kong - support local! 
  • Cute pattern designs
  • Upcycles excess textile factory waste from the global fashion industry by turning them into reuseable daily products to replace single-use disposables 
  • Reduce waste by (upcycling) waste - the best low waste approach to sustainability in our opinion 😉
  • Employs workers from the local community, such as housewives with sewing skills who are looking to work again in Hong Kong

Product Highlights 
  • 3-ply with filter slot for you to use together with a filter (which we recommend to do so! Protect others and yourself.)
  • Wired slot on the top of the mask to help fix the mask in a better position. We don't want to be touching the face mask every time it slides off... 
  • Soft and comfortable ear loops for easy removal (when needed)
  • Travel and on-the-go friendly: lightweight and small to fit into your pocket! 
  • Use for local bakery goods, e.g buying your bo lo baau in a pretty hanky instead of a disposable plastic bag
  • Reduces disposable tissue waste just like how our grandparents did with their hankies.
  • Reuseable and washable. Save money from buying tissue packets when you're out and about. 
  • 100% cotton from excess textile factory waste in the fashion industry. Sewn by the local community. 

  • wire slot on the top of the mask that allow you to insert a wire to fix the mask position
  • the ear loop is soft and comfortable
  • 3D cutting giving a nice cavity between your nose and the mask
  • washable and reusable
  • stylish and easy for you mix with your daily outfit


3 pieces of 10" x 10" handkerchieves per box. Note: Each handkerchief is of a different pattern per box.

Use and Care

How to use


One cloth face mask sealed in a plastic bag. Plastic bag is for sanitary reasons.


Upcycled 100% cotton material.

  • Compost or recycle the paper sleeve in the public paper recycling bins, or to Waste No Mall and Go Green SYP drop off points. 
  • Compost the cloth when it wears out. Alternatively, use the worn out handkerchief as 'cleaning rags', plant supports, or for upcycled projects such as dog chew toys!