The Bargain Bucket

Over here at Meow Green Shop, we believe in reducing waste wherever possible. Sadly, some perishable products has a best before date and we don't get enough orders for them. We are too stubborn to just toss them out into the bins, so we have created a CLEARANCE page for the bargain hunters out there who doesn't mind the stamped 'expiring dates'. We appropriately named it 'The Bargain Bucket': take your discounted pick and have fun in choosing new ethical and sustainable alternatives to reduce your (and ours) waste! 

We figured this would be the best way in reducing unfulfilled product orders waste AND gives a more affordable and accessible range to those who wishes to try out more sustainable alternatives without breaking the wallet! 

Please note that these products has a best before date, so we are selling them at reduced prices. They are shown as 'expired' or 'expiring'; this should not affect the product and we would still use them ourselves! If you are happy to use them - grab yourself a bargain!