Dental Floss Picks
Dental Floss Picks
Dental Floss Picks
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Dental Floss Picks

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Why we chose Humble?
  • Reliable and innovative products designed by Swedish¬†dentists
  • Kind to the planet; there ain't no planet B we say!
  • Healthier planet = Healthier people
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging¬†
  • Socially responsible: Every purchase funds oral health projects towards children in need through¬†Humble Smile Foundation

Product Highlights 
    • Charcoal infused nylon¬†thread with a taste of mint for fresher breath¬†
    • BPA-Free and PFAS-Free.¬†
    • Slides easily between teeth¬†
    • Compostable PLA packaging
    • Made by socially responsible The Humble Co. who keeps their love for planet Earth in mind¬†
    • Vegan and Cruelty-Free; certified by¬†The Vegan Society and Peta¬†


50 compostable floss picks.

Use and Care

Use after brushing once a day to remove food debris and bacteria from in between your teeth. For preventing gum disease and bad breath. 


50 single compostable floss picks in a PLA packaging. We may wrap it with paper to safeguard it during delivery. 


    40% Corn starch and 60% PLA derived compostable floss handle with attached charcoal infused nylon floss. 

    Note: It may not be home compostable friendly due to the PLA material. But feel free to test it out as an experiment! 

    Floss picks: toss into the industrial compost bin or bin (if you don't have a compost bin). 
    PLA packaging: Bin or recycle at Waste No Mall and Go Green SYP drop off points as 'plastic 7'. 
    Note: Currently, Hong Kong has no facility to recycle / compost PLA materials. We encourage you to reuse the packaging however you wish!