Fluoride-Free Tooth Tabs

Fluoride-Free Tooth Tabs

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Why we chose Zero Plastic HK?
  • Produced locally in the 852 by Zero Plastic HK
  • Transparent of their social initiatives and sustainable missions for Hong Kong
  • Local Zero Waste Company: Support Local, y'all!

Product Highlights
  • Mint Flavour for fresher breath
  • 60 fluoride-free toothpaste tabs (if you're into all that jazz)
  • Can be shared by the whole family 
  • FDA Approved
  • Vegan friendly


Microcrystalline cellulose Xylitol, menthol, Calcium phosphate dibasic, Calcium carbonate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, Sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS), Steviosin, Ascorbic acid, Sorbitol, Magnesium stearate (without fluoride).

Use and care 

Chew one tablet till it forms a 'paste' and brush for two minutes. Use twice a day after meals.

  • 60 fluoride-free toothpaste tabs


    Packed in a brown paper outer lining, with plastic foil inner lining. Feel free to separate the two to compost / recycle the paper lining. 

    Meow Green Shop Tip: Store in an airtight container or (upcycled) glass jar in a dry area to avoid soggy tooth tabs from the famous Hong Kong's humidity!

    If you were wondering why we only have refills for these fluoride-free tooth tabs, it's because we want to price it at a more affordable level and encourage you all to reuse what you have! 😽


    Peel apart the compostable paper from the plastic foil inner lining. Compost the paper and bin the lining.