Toothtabs (Fluoride)

Toothtabs (Fluoride)

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Why we chose Humble?
  • Reliable and innovative products designed by Swedish┬ádentists
  • Kind to the planet; there ain't no planet B we say!
  • Healthier planet = Healthier people
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging┬á
  • Socially responsible: Every purchase funds oral health projects towards children in need through┬áHumble Smile Foundation

Product Highlights
  • 60 fluoride toothpaste tabs
  • Can be shared by the whole family┬á
  • Vegan friendly┬á

Use and care 
Chew one tablet till it forms a 'paste' and brush for two minutes. Use twice a day after meals.
  • 60 toothpaste tabs

Packaged in a re-sealable compostable bag, where the inner lining is made from recycled plastic.
Peel apart the compostable paper from the recycled plastic inner lining. Compost the paper and bin the lining. 
* Waste-no-mall HK may take in the plastic lining, but please double check with them at their drop off day.